Courses at A.I. Studios

Courses at Augmented Imagination Studios offer an opportunity for students to train and work with some of the most motivated and best special effect artists in the world in a relaxing environment –which makes our courses fun as well as educational!  We offer extensive studio time to students enrolled in our courses allowing for each person to grow at their own pace. We believe the studio time is integral to learning and building the needed skills to pursue a career in the film and special effect industry. As our curriculum continues to evolve, each course will bring new course options as well as a core group of regular courses to meet the needs of students at every level.  While there is a lot of technical training required, the only way to really master special effects is to just get your hands dirty and do it but we will do our best to help you master the techniques required by today’s industry.


We’re NOT the largest special effects school in the UK– and that is a big advantage for you! You’ll receive plenty of personalized attention and instruction allowing you the opportunity to have hands on instruction.  Our courses are for the beginner as well as those with experience seeking to develop their techniques and skills. 


We take pride in giving our students value along with exceptional education and training.   Your self confidence and skill into the special effects industry is our reward.

Courses currently available