When making any prosthetic make-up a good foundation is a must for a make-up to succeed.  That foundation starts with your lifecast that your make-up is to be sculpted upon. This is where a corrected positive come into play.  A corrected positive is a Lifecast that has been cleaned up and repaired and made ready for future moulding.


On this course you will learn all the steps for making your corrected positives for making a good foundation to start any prosthetic make-up.  You will make a corrected positive face cast for making sqush moulds as well as a corrected full head lifecast.  You will also be learning many mould making techniqes from brush up moulds to a basic matrix moulds.


Day 1: You will learn lifecasting and doing lifecasting and will clean and prep your lifecast.

Day 2: We will begin learning about matrix moulds a beginning our clay up for our matrix moulds.

Day 3: We will be fiberglassing our moulds.

Day 4: We will clean our moulds and pour silicone. we will begin our face corrected positives.

Day 5: We will finish all corrected positives and celebrate.


This course will be very full on and will have a lot to cover so come prepaired to get stuck in.


A deposit can be made securing your place on the course by paying £150 via paypal. Send monies to with name and details and the course you are reserving a space for to aifxstudios@hotmail.com  Full payment due on first day of the course.  Payment plans available please contact A.I. Studios for more info.

Corrected Positives and Basic Mould Making Course - 5 day course Feb 3rd - 7th

Payment Option
  • Toran has been fasinated by SPFX since a boy and has studyed and played with special effect as a hobby from that time. He also has a love for teaching the skills he find enjoyible to others. His passion as an artist extends into many creative outlets! Such as painting, sculpting, photography, and make-up. 

  • If you have choosen to pay by making payments you are required to pay a deposit of £150 the remaing amout must be paid in full on the starting date of the coures.

    · A.I. Studios makes a substantial investment when planning a course. While we understand that circumstances may arise causing a change in your plans, we must adhere to our business policy. If you need to cancel your registration, A.I. Studios must be notified by phone or E-mail, and the following policies apply:

    · Cancelations will recieve a full refund minus deposits (£150).

    · Cancellation fees reflect the cost of registration, staff, instructor contracts, material acquisitions, and other services. This policy applies to all registrants, regardless of the reason for cancelling.

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