Flat moulds can be a super easy, but very effective way of make prothestics cheaply and fast. Only being limited by your imagination, you can make small cuts and wounds to making full zombie and creatures prosthetics.  In this one day course you will learn the very basics of making a flat mould, running the prosthetics and application of the prosthetic. Each student will receive a student kit which will have all the tools and materials needed to make and apply a flat mould prosthetic.


Topics Covered, but not limited to:

  • Design and positioning
  • Sclupting and scuplting techniqes
  • Prepping and moulding
  • Making silicone appliances
  • Application of prosthetics and removal


Course starts at 9am and runs till 5pm with an hour lunch break.

Introduction to flat mould prosthetics - Aug 10th

  • Toran Tanner is an American entrepreneur, creative mind in special FX and other creative oddities. Since he was little, Toran has been fascinated by anything that comes apart or is monster scary. From his first Halloween costume he created to his latest movie monster creation. He has always pushed his creative limits to the extreme. Toran spent the majority of his time in school studying the rare and odd mechanics of horror films and creatures. The way they moved and evolved was critical to his imagination. After high school he lived in the outrages city of Las Vegas, Nv. US and in 2007 relocated to the UK with his two adorable kids. This allowed him to obtain his childhood dream of making monsters and being a part of the magic they create. Toran graduated from Neill Gortons school giving him the hands-on experience he needed to move forward in the movie making industry. He has since completing Neills course gone on to work on some great project Including working with award winning DJ's 99 Souls and and promo work for the hit TV show WestWorld. His passion has grown into a business where he now offers education to others with a like mind into the magic of special FX.

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